Biosphere Certification

Sustainability has become a key issue on the political agenda of all administrations, both locally and internationally. It is one of the great concerns of the moment, closely linked to climate change and, in general, to the emergence of a new citizen awareness about the importance of caring for the environment and the protection of cultural features and local economy.

What is the Biosphere Certification?

The Biosphere Certification is a voluntary and independent certification system for sustainable tourism. It encourages tourism companies to design their products and services based on a non-aggressive tourism model. In this way, a long-term balance between the economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions of a place is guaranteed, achieving significant benefits for the company, society and the environment.

What's their objective?

The ultimate goal of the Biosphere Certification is to promote the development of the tourism industry in a sustainable way while promoting the social and cultural authenticity of each destination and community. In addition, the Biosphere methodology is inspired by the world summits sponsored by the United Nations through UNWTO and UNESCO in 2017.

For the Biosphere methodology, any contribution to the UN's "Horizon 2030" is very important. Therefore, it is very important to comply with the objectives set out in "The 17 Sustainable Development Goals", in "The World Charter for Sustainable Tourism +20" and in "The guidelines of the Paris Climate Summit".

Who can join it?

The Biosphere Certification has different standards for each type of company that wants to develop under the principles of sustainability in all its dimensions.

• Destinations: It is a sustainability certification for local tourism management entities of a destination.

• Accommodation: It is a sustainability certification for entities of hotel accommodation, aparthotels, camping-type accommodation and vacation rentals.

• Sites of tourist interest: Certifications of sustainability for museums, conservation institutions, research, communication and exhibition. Also for palaces, conference rooms, auditoriums, fair centers, convention rooms and other spaces that, due to their characteristics, produce interest and tourist attraction.

• Parks and golf courses: Certification for spaces or venues with various attractions and entertainment shows, as well as for golf courses.

• Tour operators and transport: It is the certification for travel agencies, tourist offices and companies dedicated to the transport of tourists.

• Active and adventure tourism: Certification for companies whose services are based on sports, nature and cultural experiences.

• Shops and restaurants: Certification for retail stores and businesses. Also for companies that operate with the category of restaurant, cafeteria or other within the catering sector.

• Events: Certification for massive events such as summits, festivals and congresses.


The companies and services of the Maresme, which voluntarily adhere to this project, are aware of the sustainable tourism development of the territory. In this way they continuously receive training, individualized advice and are evaluated with criteria of quality and tourism sustainability.

And you, are you ready for the change?


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