Discover the culture of the Maresme

A few weeks ago we made you aware of the Yaya del Maresme website, where a total of 10 routes are explained to do as a family and discover the Maresme region. Today we want to share with you the rewards of participating in this project.


The Costa del Maresme Tourism Promotion Consortium has created gamified routes to promote culture in the Maresme region among families and young people. Through the website http://app.turismemaresme.cat you can access the four routes that divide the region. All you have to do is have a mobile phone with an internet connection and have geolocation activated. It is available in four languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and French.


La Yaya del Maresme, the character devised by the Consortium to promote family tourism, is the guiding thread of the routes, which are named after her friends: in Alt Maresme you can do the Puput route, in Baix Maresme the Picotet route, in the Maresme Center we find the Camas Llargues route and in the Maresme Centre-Alt the Xatrac route.


Each of these itineraries has between 13 and 15 challenges that correspond to a location where a puzzle must be solved. It can be a puzzle, a riddle, a hidden item... and each puzzle is also accompanied by interesting information and curiosities. The objective is to discover the region in a playful way.


Also, finishing a route is rewarded! You can get discounts at various establishments in the region, such as a 2x1 on a children's route on the back of a donkey in Rukimon, a 10% discount at the Can Rosich rural tourism farmhouse or a 2x1 on a sailing trip with Cara al Vent.


An activity for adventurers who want to discover the region by learning and playing, where all the municipalities are represented.


Get your family or friends together, charge your mobile well and play!



Hope you liked it,


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