For motorbike lovers or people who want to enjoy a good show, this year will be the sixth race of the Formula 1 World Championship at the Montmeló circuit.

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This circuit has hosted the Grand Prix races since 1991 and is located in the municipality of Montmeló, which belongs to the province of Barcelona, ​​in the autonomous community of Catalonia. If you visit it from Barcelona, ​​you only have to travel twenty kilometers by road to get to the circuit. To get to the Vallés Oriental, it is also very close to the Maresme, as in just thirty minutes by road you reach the circuit.

The dates on which this grand prize of Catalonia will be held this year 2022 will be from 20 to 22 May. An exciting race is expected for this year until the last lap, as the level of competition between the drivers has increased and every year technological improvements are applied that make the cars go faster. This competition, apart from being recognized for the skill of the pilots, also stands out for the great engineering work behind it.

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If all goes well, polls predict that the top drivers who will be fighting for first place will be Luis Hamilton, Max Vestappen, George Russell and Charles Leclerc. It is also hoped to see Fernando Alonso and the promising Carlos Sainz compete again and give the surprise on this circuit, who are without a doubt the ones who will be most encouraged by the public, given that the two are high-level Spanish drivers.

The Montmeló Circuit has a capacity to receive about 90,000 spectators. The ticket is very easy to get, just enter entradasmontmelo.com and from this same platform you can also buy tickets for parking.

The Catalan Grand Prix is ​​held once a year, and not only is it the race, but days before you can also attend the training and individual times that each driver achieves to get out in a better position in the race; That's why there are different tickets with different prices and offers. This motoring event is unique in Catalonia and can become a great experience if you go with your group of friends or family to enjoy the world of Formula 1.

Tourists approaching the circuit generally enjoy Barcelona and the various tourist spots throughout Catalonia, as everything is very well connected, both by public transport and by private vehicle.

In fact, these days you can enjoy the best yachts in the world in the different ports of the Catalan coast, which follow the European Formula 1 circuit from the Mediterranean.

There are also many tourists who go shopping, from the emblematic shops of the Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona to the Roca Village, which is close to the circuit.

This international event is a very important event for Catalonia and its visitors, as they live with great passion the world of motoring, where many world champions have taken place.

Currently, from the circuit you can follow the main race of Formula 1 and the previous classic cars, as well as training from giant screens that allow the viewer to view at all times, not only what is happening from its panorama, but the 100 % of what happens on the circuit.

This Grand Prix is ​​held at one of the best times of the year on the Mediterranean coast, since May is a perfect month to enjoy the beaches and terraces of the Catalan coast.


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