In the Maresme there is a great diversity of natural landscapes that are home to forests with animals and unique vegetation in the area. Today we are going to talk about two natural parks in the Maresme that are worth visiting.

More than 20,000 hectares are protected to preserve its magnificent natural state and where you can see unique landscapes and a beautiful view of the region.


1) Montnegre Park and the Corridor

Parque del Montnegre y el Corredor - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

These forests are aligned very close to the coast, are part of the coastal mountain range and stand out for the beauty of their pine forests distributed along the mountains, leaving a beautiful landscape of their forests.

Apart from having a great natural beauty, they also contain sites of the history of our humanity camouflaged among the trees.

In this park you can find Neolithic dolmens, Iberian remains and medieval churches. If the visitor is attentive and has some luck, they can see some of the animals that live in it, such as the genet, the common dormouse, the goshawk, the snake, the ladder, the red vole, the woodcock and the midwife toad There are also thousands of insects, different species of birds and small mammals. The great inhabitants of these forests are the fox, the wild boar and the badger, but these are more difficult to see because they tend to be more nocturnal animals and hide from human beings.

Within this park there are places that are easier to reach and visit, since there are paths and routes and the space between trees is wider, but there are also very leafy places with a large amount of vegetation that are difficult to access, but admire their beauty. It is priceless, that is why this habitat is protected, because it is a truly incredible place.

2) Serralada Litoral Park

Parque Serralada Litoral | Bienvenidos al Maresme!

This park is made up of three units: Sant Mateu, La Conreira and Céllesc. It has a fundamental ecological role, since it puts the coastline in contact with inland valleys. In this park, as in the previous one, man has lived in harmony with nature for thousands of years, which is why we can find a lot of history within its great forests.

There are dolmens, Iberian remains, old farmhouses and castles where you can discover incredible parts of history and human evolution.

This park has 4053 protected hectares to conserve its unique nature. The mountains are not very high, since they do not exceed 600 meters in altitude with respect to sea level, but they are beautiful to see, since it is surprising how they have grown so close to the sea, leaving wonderful landscapes from the combination of their forests. with the Mediterranean Sea.

This park is very well positioned geographically and thanks to this, every year it receives a large number of migratory birds. The trees that predominate the most in this natural space are the typical coastal holm oak and oaks predominate in the shadiest places. It is a fantastic place for excursions and has several routes with impressive views for the more adventurous. There are also paths for downhill mountain biking while enjoying nature and climate that are unique in the world.


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