1. Montblanc i Poblet:

It is one of the most mythical towns in Medieval Catalonia. It has the walled enclosure, one of the best preserved in Catalonia and a walk through its streets will make you travel to middle age. The town has stately towers, gates, walls and a beautiful Romanesque bridge.

2. Guimerà, Conesa, Solsona and Cardona:

Two small medieval towns very close to Montblanc. There you can enjoy beautiful streets in the form of a ziga-zaga, a fortress and brutal views.

3. Mura - Talamanca, Vic and Santa Pau:

Between Cardona and Vic there are three essential medieval stops: Mura and Talamanca and the Monastery of Sant Benet.

4. Besalú, Castelló d'Empúries i Peralada:

Three charming towns where you will feel that you are in a knight's tale or in a game of thrones chapter.