Better management and governance


- Efficient use of public funds through the application of new approaches that improve the management and efficiency of the administration.

- Support in achieving the objectives of all types of policies (economic, social, environmental, innovation, etc).

- Reinforcement of the legitimacy of public action as it acts by leading by example.


Environmental Protection


- More efficiency in the use of natural resources, thereby contributing to the conservation of natural heritage and biodiversity.

- Protection of our environment with the corresponding direct benefits on public health (improvement of air and water quality, reduction of the toxic load, etc.).

- Contribution to the mitigation of global problems (such as climate change, deforestation, etc.) through the promotion of more sustainable productive activities.


Economic boost


- Promotion of a greener, circular, innovative, inclusive and competitive economy.

- Improved access to the public market for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and social entities and enterprises (insertion companies, special work centers, etc.).


Social progress


- More integration and empowerment of groups at risk of exclusion through their active integration into the economic system.

- Minimization of barriers for people with disabilities.

- Development of socio-labor skills in the population (especially young people).

- Ensure fair working conditions thanks to the requirement of compliance with the fundamental conventions of the International Labor Organization and other socio-labor commitments (stability of the occupation, decent salaries, etc.).


Possible communications


- Sustainable alternatives are often the same or cheaper than conventional ones.

- The real cost is not only the acquisition price, but the life cycle cost.

- Sustainable shopping achieves savings thanks to rethinking needs.

- Sustainable purchasing saves resources in other areas or policies.



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