Spas in the Maresme

Relaxing helps to eliminate both muscular and emotional tensions, reaching a state of tranquility necessary for our proper functioning in all areas of our life. In the Maresme we find unique water spaces to escape from stress and relax surrounded by new sensations, aromas and chromotherapy.


One of the best known SPAs in Maresme is the spa located in Caldes d'Estrac, its name already derives from the Latin caldarios which means "hot baths". In this SPA we find mesothermal waters of medium mineralization with temperatures of 38.8ºC, in addition to anti-stress and rheumatic treatments, open all year round.


In addition, you can find a wide variety of spas. For more information we leave you the link of other spas and centers that you can find in Maresme with more detailed information:




Aigües Termals de Caldes d'Estrac


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