We are going to explain 10 points that you can apply in your home. You dare?


1. Replace the old bulbs with LEDs, they are more expensive but last much longer and are less polluting. Worth it!

2. In the washbasin, bet on a double flush cistern. You know that every time we flush we use 12 liters of water. You will cut in half. Amazing.

3. Management of waste from your home. Divide the plastic, glass, cardboard or paper, the organic. Try to flatten the cartons and cans before throwing them away, so you can get more out of the garbage bags.

4. Put sprays on the faucets. You save up to 50% of water every time you turn on a tap. You will notice the difference and the planet too.

5. Properly insulate the ceiling, walls and floor. You can use plasterboard, foam insulation, or rubber linings for the walls and ceiling. For the floor you can use parquet, wooden flooring and cork. They are warm materials that achieve pleasant temperatures by themselves.

6. Household appliances always with efficient energy efficiency. Bet on those with category A on the label and avoid the E F or G, for the A + and A ++ cold appliances. It implies a consumption of less than 30%.

7. Double glazed windows. You will save heating and also air conditioning.

8. If you have many pots at home, think about the possibility of placing a collector for rainwater. It can be a plastic box or a drum. It can be used for watering and it accumulates much more than you think.

9. Choose natural and non-toxic paints, composed of clay and natural fats.

10. Door holders or window holders can help you maintain natural drafts without having the annoying slamming doors in summer and helps you to cool your home without using electricity.

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Cheer up, we can all achieve it.


Hellotime Team