The Five Most Incredible Scary Escape Rooms in Catalonia

1. The house Insomia Corporation

It is a company that has three different Room Escapes that take place within the same house. All of them with a horror theme which are: The Doctor's Cocktail, Xperiment and the House. The three Escape Rooms are located in the Berguedà region.

Of these three Escape Rooms, the one that for many is the most terrifying is “La Casa”.

The House is located on the outskirts of a town called Olvan. Being far away and in the middle of the forest creates an atmosphere of fear that makes those who dare to do this Escape Room live a unique experience.

The history of this house makes the Escape Room much better. The Maith family built a house in 1972 to live. There was an incident at the well in the house, which caused the family to be disturbed. The story did not end well, since the whole family ended up dead.

After 40 years, this fantastic house has been completely renovated and prepared for rural tourism.

La Casa - Insomnia Corporation


2. Ellebanna Strategy Room Escape

This Escape Room is inspired by the doll from the movie Annabelle, and so its name indicates, since the name is Annabelle's spelled backwards.

The story is simple. The Annabelle doll had disappeared from the Warren museum, and the escapists' mission is to find her.

Highlight the incredible performance of the actors in this room and the different tests that have to be carried out inside the Escape Room are incredible. This room has three levels of terror so that people can choose what level of fear they are willing to experience. The highest modality of terror is a very fun experience for people who want to experience fear and action, since there is a lot of physical contact and psychological terror. The setting is wonderful and makes the game much more entertaining and realistic.


Review - Ellebanna Room Escape


3. Low second

This Escape Room is based on a block of flats. The Salazar family is located in Bajo Segunda, and the escapists' mission is to find out where they are, since the neighbors haven't heard from them for months.

Bajo Segunda is located in Montjuic (Barcelona), it is surprising how spacious the room is and in its location (central).

Of the five Escape Rooms that we clearly mentioned, this one takes the first prize in acting and game master, since it is excellent, it achieves a great immersion in its character and it puts you in unbeatable situations of terror. Together with other actors from the Escape Room, they make Bajo Segunda an experience to remember all your life.

It has various horror modes, the highest one is very intense and includes physical contact.

▷ BAJO SEGUNDA - Bajo Segunda Escape Room BARCELONA | EscapeRadar



4. The darkness Lighthouse

This Escape Room located in Hospitalet de Llobregat is the most difficult to finish, since the tests are very complicated and the terror will prevent you from thinking clearly.

It is based on a team investigating paranormal encounters. With a minimum of four people, it is recommended for people who have previous experience in other Escape Rooms, otherwise it will be very difficult to finish it.

The terror of this room is very variable and one person in the group will have to suffer much more than the others. The setting is great, the mechanisms and puzzles of the game are the best of these five Escape Room.

The only negative or (positive) depending on how you look at it is the difficulty of the tests in this room.

Lighthouse - The darkness (Hospitalet de Llobregat)


5. Whitechapel

This room is set in Jack the Ripper. This Room deserves to be in the ranking, since it is the most original Room of the five. It is a small place located in the center of Barcelona that with its little space is capable of achieving an incredible experience.

It immerses you in an old neighborhood of Barcelona, since inside the room there are streets, different portals, among other things that create a fantastic setting. The idea is incredible and they have captured it great. The level of terror is intermediate and the performance of the characters is unbeatable.

Escape Room: Whitechapel | CÍRCULO 8


Do you dare to live a unique horror experience?


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