El Maresme has an exceptional location, located between the cities of Barcelona and Girona it has also one of the best coastlines of the territory, meters and meters of beautiful beaches, many villages with charm, tranquillity and authenticity among many other things.

Enjoying your holidays in El Maresme allows you to experience Catalonia from another perspective much more real, closer to the local population and far away from the tourist massification of cities

Close to Barcelona and Girona: trains on a regular basis will bring you to both the city of Barcelona and Girona in almost no time, allowing you to enjoy the best of each city. You will be very close to Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, Girona's historic centre or the Dalí Museum at the same time.

                                                                           City of Barcelona, Catalonia.                                                                               City of Girona, Catalonia. 

Costa del Maresme: El Maresme coastline is considered one of the best in the region, from wide beaches with many meters of sand to more intimate and rocky, you will find your perfect one for sure! For more information about some of the beaches, just have a look at the post of Maresme Beaches, where you will find information about the most beautiful beaches. 

                                                                          Santa Susanna, Maresme Coast. 

Charming villages: there are innumerable corners that you can discover in many different charming villages and you will have them all within a few minutes by car or train.

                                                                         Sant Pol de Mar, Maresme Coast.

Gastronomy and leisure: El Maresme offers you a great selection of excellent restaurants, bars, pubs and places for both leisure and nightlife. You are going to be able to meet the traditional food easily, due to its a huge offer to proximity food. 

Tranquillity and authenticity: El Maresme has a much more relaxed life and pace than the city, less noise and pollution, as well as less tourism and more local lifestyle, you will feel like if you were a local. So, you will have the opportunity to meet by first hand the folklore and all the habits and customs of the village's residents. 

                                                                    "Sardanas", traditional catalan dance. 

We will tell you many more details of everything we have talked about in our next posts!

Hellotime Team