Before the reservation

Where can I see the address of the apartment?
Is the cleaning service included in the price?
Does the price include towels and linens?
What utensils are in the kitchen?
Are there utensils for children or babies?
Will I have contact with Hellotime since I made the payment of the reservation until the day of check in?
How to contact in case of incident?

How can i do my reservation

How to book an apartment?
Can I book by phone or mail?
How do I pay for my reservation?
What kind of payments are accepted?
Can I receive the invoice of the total of my stay?
When will I receive confirmation of my reservation?
What will I find in the confirmation email?
I travel with children, how can I include them in the reservation?

Modification or cancellation

We are more people than we have reserved
How can I change my reservation? I want to change apartment or destination, is it possible?
How can I cancel my reservation? Will you give me some money back?

Accommodation rules

What time can I enter and at what time should I leave the apartment?
What is the procedure during check-in and what documents should I bring?
What is bail?

Apartment rules

What are the rules?
Can it be the case of having to leave the apartment if my behavior is not appropriate?